About us

Every child is unique. Therefore create a unique room.
Every child needs to feel protected. So build a soft and colourful shelter.
Every parents dreams up her children’s room. And consequently wishes to give these unique individuals small, easy & accessible decorative bits and pieces ... to create a world of their own.

In Kate Verougstraete’s colours, materials, eras and origins merge & mingle. Perhaps because this adventurer had been around the world twice before inventing her three boys’ nest, Kate knows how to put joy into a room.
Divided between her passion for interior design and her vocation as a nurse, she first chose the latter. In Brussels, then in London, she nursed during the day and created lookbooks at night, until destiny brought the whole family back to Belgium with a pied-à-terre in Morocco.
Morocco where, today, Kate has her favourite pieces made exclusively for Souk Bazaar and where she meanders regularly in search of new treasures: rugs, poufs, cushions, lamps…
And to brighten up notebooks and school bags you can also find “oh so very British” stickers that Kate brought back in her luggage.

Why Souk Bazaar? Because you can find everything! Toys that decorate and playful decor, unusual objects and contemporary classics ... but most of all poetry and a flavour of somewhere else.

Have a lovely expedition...